Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Finals this week.
Grad school is a nasty, nasty homewrecker.

Nitrous Oxide For Childbirth

Fascinating interview with one of the "Giants" of Midwifery, Judith Rooks.

I hate to go all "feminist patriarchy-basher" but as I read the portion about the male OB/GYN that was uncomfortable watching the woman in labor, it definitely occurred to me that if you are uncomfortable with the process, you probably shouldn't be involved.

Watching someone hurt is not a pleasant experience (or not for the psychologically sound, at least), but it is a part of laboring to give birth. It is, for better or worse, a natural part of the process.

As soon as finals are over, I'm considering writing to the director's boards of the hospitals in my hometown to let them know about this.
I may even reactivate my Facebook to get the word out for others to do the same.