Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birth Center Workshoppin

Went to the "How To Start A Birth Center" workshop in Charleston this past weekend, and it was entirely overwhelming with waaaaay too much information.
I went with these rosy expectations of what a birth center was - mostly a cute victorian house with an herb garden - and left utterly schooled.
I realized that attempting to open a birth center by myself was not only implausible, but rash and irresponsible. Doomed to failure, really.
(And since I am twenty-six years old with three shock-white hairs already...well, I'd prefer not to be completely white-haired by the time I'm thirty-five.)

But that's not the end. My busy little brain is reformulating and regrouping. Reconsidering battle strategy to save the women of my hometown from the Dreaded UnNecessarean.

To be continued....

Oh! And also, my undercover research is coming up on the six month mark, so the results to be posted in the next few weeks. Prepare to be shocked and amazed!